Wow! Thank You!

Do you know what the first sin of Adam and Eve was in the Garden of Eden? No, it wasn’t eating the apple. According to Pastor Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries, it was ingratitude toward God. God had given them His best; but, they wanted more and they wanted something different. They also wanted to be like God. They chose to do it “their way”, and lost.

Today, God is still offering us His best—a relationship with Him through His Son, Christ Jesus. If you want His best, take a look at the back panel of the pamphlet, GOOD MORNING GOD. It will show you how to get it. Jesus is waiting for you.

This Thanksgiving, may our hearts be humble before the Lord. May our voices be raised in giving Him the thanks, praise, and the adoration He deserves.

“Praise the LORD; for His mercy endures forever.”

II Chronicles 20:21

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Every Day-Dr. Charles Stanley-2014



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