I looked Patsy and April in the eyes and said, “Thank you! You saved my life!”

They disagreed. “Yes, you did,” I insisted, “because you believed in me.” It was their faith, training, encouragement, and perseverance that led the way for my paralyzed throat muscles to move again.


Two weeks ago, God gave me the wonderful opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to four of my many former therapists at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute:

Patsy (speech therapist who assessed my throat and believed & arranged for special medical treatment)

April (one of few therapists trained in “Vital Stem” electrical stimulus)

Monaca (physical therapist who trained my body to move/walk again), and

Nate (recreational therapist who helped teach me to reconnect to living).


Today marks the one-year anniversary of my recovery from the stroke that began June 4, 2014. (It began on the 4th and hit in full force the evening of the 6th.)

On one hand it has been a miserable experience. On the other hand, God has used it for good in many ways—most of which I don’t even know yet.


This writing is to specifically thank individuals for their part in bringing me to the degree of health and degree of normalcy that I have today, for lifting me up in prayer, for believing, for reminding me that God isn’t finished with me yet. For those that I may overlook, please know that you have a special place in my heart and I am thankful to you and for all you have done.

Thank you!

  • God, dear Father, You are my All in All.
  • Lord Jesus, my Savior, Champion, and Best Friend, Your sacrifice, care, and prayers-that-my-faith-fail-not are the reasons I can go on.
  • Holy Spirit, dear Teacher-Friend-Guide-Companion, Your Quiet Voice of love, direction and encouragement comforts me and keeps me going.
  • Husband-David—You came to the hospital(s) every day for a month to keep me company, went to the stroke education classes with me, brought me clean clothes and everything I wanted, then brought me home, and have continued to take care of me. Thank you!!
  • Matt, Adam, Angie—your love, prayers, help, and presence in person/by internet/by phone have been my lifeline. You are my joy.
  • Lydia, Ezra, and new grandbaby Elsie—I know you are praying for Grandma Patty. How I love and cherish you!
  • My brother, Butch, and my sister, Tammy—reaching out to me to let me know you are there and that you care.
  • Pastor Adam and my brothers- and sisters-in-the-Lord: your prayers and friendship are my battle-strength and hope.
  • Dear neighbors: Ada, Delores, Jane, Roxanne—thank you for watching out for me and helping me. Your love and kindness have blessed my socks off.
  • Dear friends: Therese, Sally, Beverly, Janine, Helen, and Vickey: your friendship is an oasis in a desert. How I treasure you each one. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your acts of love and kindness.
  • The doctors who actually read my chart and saw me as a person, being careful in my care: Dr. John Long, Dr. Monica Blykowski-May, Dr. Miguel Ordonez-Castellanos,   Karen Sesso, and Joseph Gaines PA-C.
  • The nurses who watched over me, cared for me, and trained me to take care of myself again: Tanya, Linda, Gina, Julie, Shawn, Tracey, and the many that I didn’t get to know but who were so sweet and kind.
  • The aides who cheered me on and took wonderful care of me: Bill, Dave, and the others who were absolutely wonderful but I did not get to know by name.
  • The therapists who worked tirelessly and with such grace and humor: Patsy, April, Megan, Allison, Monaca, Kayla, Phil, Mark, Melissa, Chelsea, Caitlin, Cara, Jean O., and others who were also fantastic but that I did not get to know by name.
  • The unknown who came and went, ministering to me faithfully when I was too “out of it” to remember.
  • Joy, the nurse administrator, who came to my aid at St. Luke’s one really rough night.
  • John, St. Luke’s social worker, and his assistant who ironed out all the details with my insurance company and home health care so I didn’t need to.
  • Chaplain Wanda, who came to visit and cheered me up so much!
  • My sister-in-law, Linda, and cousin-in-law, Eileen, (with Keith and Gavin) who came time and again to visit me at St. Luke’s—reminding me that I was loved and not alone.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

May He bless each of you many times over!



GOOD MORNING GOD (a pamphlet of Scriptures, feel free to download and share)

Blessed Connections:

Therese Marszalek Ministries:

Pastor Adam Fox; Gateway Church, Spokane, WA:









2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. That’s SO you, Patty – one that has an attitude of gratitude. You’re a hero of the faith and I’ve truly been blessed to watch you walk through this unexpected adventure you started a year ago. I’m so proud of you! And so blessed to call you friend.


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