Buckets of Blessings

I got a bucket of blessing poured out on me this week. It surprised me so greatly that I was overwhelmed at first, and then I felt guilty.

To share the good news: I’m getting a new bed. Depending where you are in your finances, that may or may not be huge. For me it is, especially since this is one of those super cool mechanical beds that rises up at the head and foot. This is not just for fun.

Five years ago, I was injured by a student while at work. The medical care I received that day and for the next two years was insufficient and incorrect. Two of the physical therapists actually made my shoulder injuries not only worse, one cracked my rib and tore the connective tissue in my back leading me to sleep on a folded comforter and sleeping bag on top of my bed. Fortunately, God brought a gifted orthopedic surgeon into my life that was able to reconstruct my shoulder. After two years of therapy, I thought I could finally sleep in a bed again. That’s when a three-point stroke hit. Ten months of sleeping at a forty-five-degree angle on rolled blankets and pillows (still on top of the bed) have done a number on my back.

So that brings me to the question, “Why feel guilty about the blessing?” It wasn’t going to cost the household any money. (It would be purchased from the disability settlement, for I have only partial use of my shoulder and arm.) So why?

I came to this thought this morning: we get so used to suffering, we forget how much God loves us and wants to bless us. Think of dry ground. If it gets too dry when the rain comes, it runs off instead of sinking in.

For myself, I almost missed the joy of the blessing. I had to remind myself that His loving blessings are for me too, that this was my time to be saturated.

If you’ve been going through a difficult time, please know that God has blessings for you also. Each day He rains down gentle showers. Sometimes, He pours a bucketful over our heads. So, let’s stand out in the rain, with our arms and faces tilted up, and let the love of God not only wash over us—let’s let it sink in. Like flowers in the spring rain, we’ll blossom with testimonies of His love.

Thank You, Father God

Thank You, Lord Jesus.



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